K and T events was founded by Thabisile Hlatshwayo and her late sister Makhosi Mosala in 2005, K and T events is owned by MRS G.T Hlatshwayo managing member and co-member.

She has more than 30 years in business experience currently as a business manager. She worked for more than 20 years, as an estate agent (1) specialising in commercial properties and her expert is used in business.

At K and T Events Co-ordinators, we are guided by our mission “Strive to excel” our mission is more than just a statement- it is the way of life we are committed to delivering a wide range and diverse clients services and product that fulfil the clients requirement in such a manner that it will surpass their expectations. As the company embraces and utilizes the diversity, within, it provides its clients with a broad resource base to address all their needs satisfactorily.

To achieve these successes, our employees are well empowered, motivated and strive to excel in service delivery.

Our vision is to become the trusted and recognized industry by our client in the events managements, which we compete. We also envisage our services as being part, of the major contributors in the Southern African Economy in the future.

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